JHS Bock In Deplorable, Deadly State

At the time that the government of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) is shouting from the rooftops to have successfully cleared all schools sitting under trees across the length and breadth of the country, one school that goes beyond sitting under trees, considering the dilapidating structure of its building is the Wassa Manhyia D.A. Junior High School, located in Amenfi Central in the Western Region.

The school is believed to be the only educational institution that serves Junior High School (JHS) 1-3 students from about six communities and villages dotted around Wassa Manhyia.  But the sorry and sordid state of the school has led to parents withdrawing their wards from for farming activities instead.

In fact, considering the dilapidated structures of the school, parents have no option than to withdraw their wards for farming activities, for the simple reason that the lives of their wards were at risk, a teacher told this paper.

Information available to The Chronicle indicates that for the last four years since government officials cut the sod to renovate the school, the project had been abandoned, as the contractor could not be traced.  Considering the dangerous-looking structure of the school, the authorities are left with no other option than to close for lessons when the rain begins.

“In rainy seasons, we do not open for school at all, because our roofing is bad and porous,” the teacher told with this paper.  The Assembly Member for the Srae Eyeayie Electoral Area, Raphael Messiah Akuebilla, in whose jurisdiction the dilapidated school structure sits, confirmed the situation in an interview with The Chronicle.

He told this reporter that he was a worried man because the future of the children of his electoral area was being toiled with by this government. To him, every children of school-going age deserved to have a conducive environment and structure to sit in to study.

However, the opposite was the case in his electoral area. “In fact, in my electoral area, the education of the pupils is being toiled with, and this makes me a worried Assembly Member.”  Assembly Member Akuebilla told this reporter that his worry stemmed from the fact that parents were withdrawing their wards from school for farming activities for fear that the structure housing the students could, at anytime, collapse on them.

1Akuebilla confirmed that since four years ago when government officials, including the Amenfi Central District Assembly, cut the sod to renovate the structure, the contractor of the project could not be traced.  He said that he followed up to the District Assembly and lodged a formal complaint on the need to hurriedly save the dilapidated school structure from collapsing on the students.

The District Assembly, according to the Assembly Member, told him the same story – that the contractor could not be found.  Worried over the dilapidated structure, Assembly Member Akuebilla, also known as ‘RAM’, told this paper he followed up to the District Education Directorate, but there was no help coming from there.


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